Recipe of the Month: Brie and Berry Tart-let

      Have you ever wondered what it takes to make some of the delectable appetizers or meals you've seen A Catered Affair put together? Well wonder no more because as a gift to our readers we are now revealing some of our favorite and most popular menu item's recipes in a monthly series! 

    You're welcome and please enjoy our very first one. It's a hit for cocktail hours and open houses all over. You can adjust and customize it with your favorite berry. It's our delicious and adorable Brie and Berry Tart-let!

Blackberry Brie Tart-let

1 Pound Brie Cheese – rind removed

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup jam – your choice

Fresh dill

Mini Tart Shells – see note below

    Whip brie and honey together until blended and smooth, place in piping bag for easiest filling or just use a spoon! Put a small amount of your favorite jam in the bottom of the tart shell and top with the whipped brie Garnish with a small berry (or piece of berry) and a tiny amount of fresh dill.

Tart-let note:

Different tart-let cup ideas:

Mini phyllo cups are available in your local grocery store.  Just thaw and fill! Pie crust also available in your local grocery store – just cut out the desired size using the bottom of a small cup or cookie cutter and then place in a mini muffin tin to bake. Bake until golden brown. Cool and fill.

~Bon Apetite!~

Catering Trends for 2017-2018

      Can you believe we are a quarter of the way through the year already?! This means we are a quarter of the way through with the year's events and on to planning and preparing for the rest of them. We've seen so many trends come and go throughout the years but don't worry! We've got our eyes set on this years top catering trends and are ready to share the love!

1. Snack it up!

       Hungry? Grab a treat from an adorable snack station set on display at your latest event you're hosting and/or attending! Whether its popcorn, candy, doughnuts, or pies; whatever keeps you up at night and scrounging around your kitchen for can be made into a beautiful and fun display your guests will LOVE! 

       Snack stations are also an easy way to display your favorite sayings or quotes, bring out the theme to your party, or if you're like me, they're just so darn cute and delicious you cannot resist to dive into them! 

2. Let's "Taco About a Party!"

      The bar is not just for your beverages anymore my friends. Food bars are ALL. THE. RAGE. this season! Taco bars, salad bars, sushi bars you name it! We can turn everyone's favorite foods into a bar for your guests to self-serve and personalize to their own desires. 

This taco bar was so much fun at our Open House last June. We can't wait to incorporate it for upcoming weddings this year!

The Oyster Bar from a wedding last Fall was on FIRE with its adorable personalized hot sauces!

Salad bar, biscuit bars, and sushi OH MY! What's your favorite food? Let's make it happen!

3. Honey, I shrunk this entree'.

       No one wants to be told to shrink their food but stay with me people! Mini entrees used as an appetizer is just about the cutest thing we've ever seen. Think about how much you LOVE all things in their sweet and tiny forms, now think about your favorite dinner item and pass it around during your cocktail hour! Stop with the cuteness!

You can create any meal in appetizer form, taco salad cups, shrimp & grits bites, mini pulled pork sandwiches, chicken and waffle bites. The possibilities are endless and adorable and your guests won't be able to get enough!

For more trends or help planning your next event, contact Kellie at 615.321.2394.

Special thank you to the following photographers for their beautiful food photography work!

Zach and Sarah Photography

Pix by Robyn

Abigail Volkmann Photography

Scoobie Photographic Images

Belle McKay Photography









Ten Tablescapes we LOVE!

        Your event is around the corner, and it is time for the details. One thing is for sure, it is ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS. No matter what the occasion- seasonal or themed, there are so many ways to make your tables stand out! 

      While A Catered Affair's specialty is food, our displays are one of a kind.  We do not do boring, we believe in presentation, and we love pretty as much as we love tasty! Here are our ten of our favorite tablescapes our team has created. 

Enchanted Tablescape

      We love the golds, glitters, and glam mixed with the cool ocean blue linens and vintage china from a bridal show a few years back! Adding in the feathers was the perfect unique touch to these table settings.

       This "Harry Potter" themed elopement was to die for! Every last detail had some sort of purpose behind it that correlated with the series. The deep shades of purple with gold and burgundy accents added a beautiful rich flair to the settings. The three quittish wreaths in the background of the Legacy Farm's pier and the floating candles above the table brought the theme together perfectly! 

MadHatters Tablescape

      "Mad Hatter" was the theme of choice for this Legacy Farm's loft Halloween celebration. Dark linens with splashes of red and sparkle, random tea pots making their appearance, and an extra long table tied this tea party all together! 

      We were Over. The. Moon. for this Christmas-themed wedding this past December. Gold chargers with beautiful ornament place tags adorned our beautiful custom built white-washed farm tables in the Legacy Farm's Event Center. The wedding party surrounded the bride and groom's sequenced sweetheart table with a special love seat and personalized pillow for their comfort. Beautiful green, red, and cream bouquets and sparkling chandeliers accented the tables and gave it the next glam level status! 

Spring Tablescape

     Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes. Our 2016 Spring Open House held at Legacy Farms had many mixes of taupes, greens, and dark pink colors. Colorful center pieces mixed with our in house mercury glass and vintage books made these taupe table linens pop! The adorable "rose" napkin fold with our guests names labeled on a magnolia leaf added the perfect Spring touch!

        To celebrate our 20 years in business, Legacy Farm's hosted an incredible "Roaring 20's" event for us in November. The table settings had to have all things glam! We brought out the best by keeping the floral arrangements white, simple with a variety of sizes and adding our gold, black, silver and sparkling touches! The abundance of candles and chandeliers made this head table twinkle all on it's own and light up the Event Center.

1418 Bday Party Tablescape

       This colorful and rich dinner table was the star of a birthday party hosted at a former venue known as Events at 1418. This rich wood farm table was accented perfectly by the exposed brick inside the buildings and the shades of purples, orange, and pink down the center. The mix matched china stood out on the clear glass chargers.

      At the "Roaring 20's" event, we could not leave out setting the tables of the unique reception space known as Heritage Hall on Legacy Farm's property. Sunflowers, turquoise linens, and mix matched fine china were beautiful in this rustic space and left our guests ready for the Spring/Summer wedding season looks coming up ahead!

        Heritage Hall's space is not just for Summer weddings! Fall weddings can be done just as beautifully on the in house table and benches. This October wedding was gorgeous with large blue pumpkins overflowing with pink, purples, and greenery on top of log slices and silky linens. The copper lanterns added the touches needed to accent and bring the Fall theme to light!

       Our most recent bridal show display was a hit at the show done in January! Italian string lighting on top of a dark wooden panel was the backdrop for our custom built farm tables. Greenery draped the center of the tables with blush and cream roses and painted copper succelents popping through. Gold lanterns and mercy votives added the lighting to the rich burgundy satin linens and stunning vintage china!

We'd like to thank the following vendors for their contributions to this post!

Graceful Tables

The Wedding Plate

Abigail Volkmann Photography

Belle McKay Photography

Legacy Farms

A Catered Affair

Sarah Sidwell Photography

Jenna Henderson Photography

Ace Photography

Party Patrol Entertainmen

For help in planning your next event, contact Kellie at 615-321-2394!

How to Keep Your Bar Costs in Line

        As wedding professionals, one of the most important parts of our jobs is helping our clients stay in budget. Whether it's helping a couple decide on where cuts need to be made or helping them move and play around with their vision to stay within their budgetary desires, we have the tools needed in order to do so. No one wants to give up a great party in order save money and you don't have to! We are *spilling*, pun intended, on how to best keep your bar costs in line.

                                                                               Photo Credit: Caressa Rogers Photography

                                                                              Photo Credit: Caressa Rogers Photography

Tip #1: Beer & Wine

Beerly beloved you need not to wine!

        A beer and wine bar is just as well received by a crowd as a liquor bar. The best part about that is- it's significantly less expensive! Couples can easily spend in the upward thousands for a fully stocked bar with top shelf selections.  You can showcase your personality by offering up a different selection than the typical that you and your partner enjoy to share with your guests!

Tip #2: Signature Drink

Now serving: The Martin's Martini, Mr. & Mrs. Holder's Holiday Spritzer, or Blair's Bellini's!

       If liquor is a must have on the bar of your dreams list, creating a signature drink that your guests can enjoy is an excellent way to cut costs. Show your creativity by offering your guests a drink that showcases the city that you met in, your honeymoon destination, or even one of your favorites that you and your future spouse enjoy together!

Tip #3: Offer Table-side Service

Red, White or Pink; which do you think?

       Offering your guests table side wine service instead of a bar is another option to help keep costs down. A guest is more likely to drink more if it is easily accessible to them. With table side service there is a small amount of waiting time while each table is being served. You can even buy the wine ahead of time to plan your budget ahead to know exactly how much you are spending. 

        Overall, if drinks are a must have for your party just know there are always options. Talk with your planner on which option best fits you. Cutting costs are not always fun but can be done in various ways which is why our number one tip is to hire a professional to guide you every step of the way! 


Must-Have Cocktails of 2017

Cocktails, like fashion, tend to run on a cycle. What's in style one year, may become unpopular the next. When planning your perfect wedding day or event, it's important to keep in mind what type of signature drinks you want to serve.

Ask yourself questions like: What's trending? What's fun? Do I prefer flavor over potency or potency over flavor? 

Currently, some of the most popular cocktails include: Spritzes, Daiquiris and Tiki Drinks, Martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas. Spritzes are popular for being low- alcohol cocktails, favoring flavor over potency (amount of liquor). Usually, people that don't normally drink are very satisfied with spritzes. Daiquiris and Tiki Drinks are popular for making guests really feel like they are on a tropical vacation. Spritzes, Tiki Drinks, and Daiquiris can be very fun drinks for your guests. Martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas are also very good choices for signature drinks, although they are much more commonly served. 

At A Catered Affair, we are happy to help you create your very own signature cocktail drink! For past events, we have created spectacular cocktails for our clients that had incredible success amongst their guests. All we need is an idea of what you want, and we will be able to create it! 

Below are just a few photos of some of the signature cocktail drinks we have created in the past: 

For more information, please call Kellie at 615-321-2394!


MEP Roaring 20's

POP, CLINK, FIZZ! A Catered Affair is 20!

     Some of Nashville's top event vendors came together to help us celebrate this special milestone. Our open house had a 1920's Gatsby inspired theme full of glitz and glam, flappers, and suspenders. Former clients, "friendors", and the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce were in attendance to help us cut the ribbon and ring in our 20th year of business. 

        We cannot show you all of the memories without covering the history behind A Catered Affair. Kellie Bryson started this company making desserts, which then led to birthday cakes, which led to wedding cakes, and then led to catering at a local wedding chapel.

         A Catered Affair has gone from a small business venture catering only off site events and parties to evolving into the in house caterer hosting its own events here at Legacy Farms. 

        The Legacy Farm's Event Center was transformed into the glamorous headquarters where our guests could come have a special signature cocktail, make themselves a salad from the ultimate salad bar, enjoy something sweet at our doughnut bar, try out our self serving biscuit station, or watch their shrimp and grits cook right before their eyes with their choice of toppings added by one of our professional chefs. Our most popular sparkling feature were bedazzled bon bons, delicious and dazzling!

         Our loft's soft and natural beauty was intensified with a spray of beautiful white florals and feathers draped with jewels. Candle and string lighting highlighted the added greenery and iron lanterns. 

           Heritage Hall's rustic setting was the perfect resting place for mix matched china, copper and teal tones, log slices, mason jars, lanterns and sunflowers. Crystal glasses and tea cups complimented our place settings perfectly! 

A fantastic night had by all. We could not have done it without the help of so many incredible Nashville wedding vendors!


Venue: Legacy Farms

Lighting & Entertainment: Party Patrol Entertainment

Photography: Abigail Volkmann Photography

Flowers in Manor: Gardens on Main

Flowers in Loft: T. Villager Designs

Flowers in Event Center: Elliott Events

Linens: Graceful Tables

Invites/Paper Goods: Designs in Paper

Ribbon Cutting: Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce

Cakes: Wolfe Gourmet Cakes

Fine China in Heritage Hall: The Wedding Plate


If you are looking for a caterer with 20 years of experience, contact Kellie at 615-321-2394!

Buffet Vs. Plated Meal

Your guests have arrived ready to spend their evening celebrating the happiest day of your life with you! They get dressed up in their very best, look for a date and/or call a sitter. They spend the time to pick out the perfect gift to welcome you on board a beautiful new journey. How do you show them, we're glad you came? Feed them a fantastic meal! 

Many struggle with the decision to have a buffet or plated meal for their event. Whether you are concerned about how it fits into your budget or how it fits into the theme of your overall evening, we have put together a few ways to help determine which fit is best for you. Bon Apetite!

The Buffet

Pros: A buffet style dinner is the more economical option. It offers a laid back environment and gives your guests options. Your guests are able to choose exactly what they like, how much of it they want, and when they want to go back for seconds. It requires minimal amounts of staff and the option to prepare prior to the event's start which in turn is kind to your budget. 

Cons: While the buffet is great for getting your guests up out of their table to mix and mingle with their friends, it does have a waiting period. Not everyone will eat at the same time and some may finish their meals before the others get started. Guests are asked to wait in a line to make their plates which can take the formality out of your event as a whole.

The Plated Meal

Pros: A plated meal is the perfect way to show off a formal setting. Each guest eats at the same time and is served in a relaxed restaurant type setting. It gives your guests a chance to catch up with one another around the table and rest up before they dance the night away! It is both traditional and displays the meal you worked hard to choose in a beautiful way. 

Cons: The formality of the plated meal takes time and additional staff to prepare. This will drive costs up when sitting down with your catering budget. The timeline of your event needs to be just right in order to ensure each guest is served with a hot meal in a timely fashion. Guests won't be able to pick and choose exactly what they want or the quantities which may leave your picky eaters or extra hungry friends with more to desire.

Overall, if you are feeding your friends a delicious meal there are very few ways to go wrong. Hiring the right catering team to make sure your event's food is a hit is the best way to go. 

For more information on hiring a great catering team, contact Kellie at 615-321-2394.

5 Ways to Make Your Event's Meal Stand Out!

   Long gone are the days of potluck style weddings where Aunt Susan and her friends are in charge of the meal plan. Today's couples are involved more than ever in the planning of their special day's cuisine. Whether it is a buffet that your guests can't stay away from, or a plated meal that looks as good as it tastes; your event's meal has no reason to not make a statement! 

 We've put together 5 of our favorite ways to help your food wow the crowd:

1. Edible Art

Legacy Farms-Legacy Farms-0111.jpg

The orchid displayed in this photo is not from the florist, it's from the chef! Edible decor on your food is certain to be a hit!

2. Make a Display!

You can really put your buffet on display by adding various floral and fruits as decor, using unique granite slabs, cubes and baskets as risers, or even incorporating your centerpieces' lanterns and vases in the mix! And BONUS: Main Event Productions includes the decor as a part of their packages!

3. Adorable Signage 

Don't leave your guests wondering what that "yummy little cake bite thing was" they just ate; label it! Whether you use a chalkboard, framed print, individual food labels, or even a printed menu at their place setting; including them in on the secret of all your fabulous cuisine picks will leave them informed and full!

4. Serve Guests with a Friendly Face

Hiring a great team to make your special day the best it can be is all too important. A Catered Affair takes the time needed to make sure their events are staffed with friendly and smiling faces who are eager to make your guests and you feel right at home! 

5. Share Your Story

This couple not only personalized their main dish for their wedding but they also brought their guests inside the beginning of their story together. Can you just imagine the "awe's" as they filled their plates?! 

Need help making your event's meal stand out? Contact Kellie at 615.321.2394.