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Must-Have Cocktails of 2017

Cocktails, like fashion, tend to run on a cycle. What's in style one year, may become unpopular the next. When planning your perfect wedding day or event, it's important to keep in mind what type of signature drinks you want to serve.

Ask yourself questions like: What's trending? What's fun? Do I prefer flavor over potency or potency over flavor? 

Currently, some of the most popular cocktails include: Spritzes, Daiquiris and Tiki Drinks, Martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas. Spritzes are popular for being low- alcohol cocktails, favoring flavor over potency (amount of liquor). Usually, people that don't normally drink are very satisfied with spritzes. Daiquiris and Tiki Drinks are popular for making guests really feel like they are on a tropical vacation. Spritzes, Tiki Drinks, and Daiquiris can be very fun drinks for your guests. Martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas are also very good choices for signature drinks, although they are much more commonly served. 

At A Catered Affair, we are happy to help you create your very own signature cocktail drink! For past events, we have created spectacular cocktails for our clients that had incredible success amongst their guests. All we need is an idea of what you want, and we will be able to create it! 

Below are just a few photos of some of the signature cocktail drinks we have created in the past: 

For more information, please call Kellie at 615-321-2394!


5 Ways to Make Your Event's Meal Stand Out!

   Long gone are the days of potluck style weddings where Aunt Susan and her friends are in charge of the meal plan. Today's couples are involved more than ever in the planning of their special day's cuisine. Whether it is a buffet that your guests can't stay away from, or a plated meal that looks as good as it tastes; your event's meal has no reason to not make a statement! 

 We've put together 5 of our favorite ways to help your food wow the crowd:

1. Edible Art

Legacy Farms-Legacy Farms-0111.jpg

The orchid displayed in this photo is not from the florist, it's from the chef! Edible decor on your food is certain to be a hit!

2. Make a Display!

You can really put your buffet on display by adding various floral and fruits as decor, using unique granite slabs, cubes and baskets as risers, or even incorporating your centerpieces' lanterns and vases in the mix! And BONUS: Main Event Productions includes the decor as a part of their packages!

3. Adorable Signage 

Don't leave your guests wondering what that "yummy little cake bite thing was" they just ate; label it! Whether you use a chalkboard, framed print, individual food labels, or even a printed menu at their place setting; including them in on the secret of all your fabulous cuisine picks will leave them informed and full!

4. Serve Guests with a Friendly Face

Hiring a great team to make your special day the best it can be is all too important. A Catered Affair takes the time needed to make sure their events are staffed with friendly and smiling faces who are eager to make your guests and you feel right at home! 

5. Share Your Story

This couple not only personalized their main dish for their wedding but they also brought their guests inside the beginning of their story together. Can you just imagine the "awe's" as they filled their plates?! 

Need help making your event's meal stand out? Contact Kellie at 615.321.2394.


Nashville wedding caterers with Extraordinary taste!

We can honestly say in the many years we have been catering weddings in Nashville we have never had a bride ask us to cater her event with plain, ordinary food. In fact it is quite the opposite, brides want their big day to be the most memorable event anyone will ever attend. In order to pull off such an event one would need out of the ordinary, and no wedding caterer in Nashville does extraordinary better than A Catered Affair! A great option for a lasting impression would be our Demitasse Shooters, A flavorful seasonal chowder accompanied by a mini sandwich and served in demitasse cups.
Your choices include: 

 Nashville Wedding Catering
  • Lobster bisque soup sip with a mini crab fritter
  • Butternut squash soup sip with a mini grilled cheese
  • Sweet corn chowder soup sip with a mini crab fritter
  • Tomato basil soup sip with a mini grilled cheese

It can only be described as AMAZING!


This ain't your momma's cake!

This ain't your momma's cake!

Did you know there may be as many as a dozen eggs in one 3 tier cake? Attention to detail is the name of the game, from the made from scratch icings and fillings to the edible designs that make your cake a work of art. Every single ingredient is perfectly measured, mixed, and prepared to not only bring your design to life but taste as good as it looks. A Catered Affair and The Bake Shoppe spends hours perfecting your cake even after the baking is done. Contact us today to setup a tasting! 615-321-2394 #nashvilleeventcatering #nashvilleweddingcatering #nashvillecaterers #acateredaffair #weddingcakes

 Nashville Wedding Catering
 Nashville Wedding Catering
 Nashville Wedding Catering
 Nashville Wedding Catering